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What is Private Real Estate Investment?

Zebulon Capital Ventures specializes in private real estate loan financing in North Atlanta, GA, offering a stable alternative to traditional investments. Based in North Atlanta, our family-owned business is dedicated to delivering expert advice & investment solutions aligned with our core principles.

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safety of investors' funds

At Zebulon Capital Ventures, we fully embrace Warren Buffett's cardinal investment principle: 'Do not lose money.' This guiding philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. 

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project transparency

Partnering with our rigorously vetted premium developers sets a new standard for safety and transparency in constructing various properties. We exclusively engage with the most reputable developers, selecting only their most attractive projects to ensure excellence in every endeavor.

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above market returns

Our dedication to our investors lies in securing reliable, double-digit returns:  We believe that stable and secure returns hold greater worth than the pursuit of higher, albeit riskier, profits.

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"Empowering your future with safer, superior returns—Zebulon Capital Ventures is your trusted partner in private capital investment."

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Bradley Hughes

Founder & Operator

meet our venture projects

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costera at seagrove

Jim Sumpter, partner and co-owner of 4228 Development Group is a 26-year veteran in finance and real estate with vast and global experience. Jim’s skills in advanced investment management and real estate analysis evolved from his initial work with private and institutional clients at global financial firms, to later spearheading global strategy for a leading European private equity firm...

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big sky, montana

Jon LaPlante moved to the Gulf Coast in 1999, starting a construction management and real estate development career that has spanned 20 plus years. During that time he has been a partner and participant in over $300,000,000 in mixed use residential, office and retail developments. The majority focused in upper end resort communities that emphasize quality, endurance and lifestyle enhancement...

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greater atlanta & southeast

The Embry Family has been involved in real estate, land development, construction, and banking for over seventy years in Atlanta, Georgia. Starting with the three oldest brothers when they returned from WWII. They helped change Atlanta and how new homeowners lived with a  focus on providing clients with the highest level of quality in the development industry. From building one of the first planned...

the Zebulon method

At Zebulon Capital Ventures, we've crafted the Zebulon Method, grounded firmly on three core principles: protecting investors' funds, surpassing market returns, and upholding project transparency. This method guides our meticulous selection process, ensuring each deal isn't merely an opportunity, but a bespoke proposition embodying excellence, safety, and innovation. Our Limited Partners benefit greatly from our carefully tailored terms, designed to optimize returns while maintaining unwavering stability.

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